Serving The City

As our world faced the COVID-19 Pandemic this past year, work, school, and church services moved online. Social distancing became the new norm and we all experienced disruption of our daily rhythms.

An unexpected gift of the pandemic is that it clarified our Gospel-centered values regarding the Church’s posture to its neighbors.  At Grace, we believe the Church is meant to abide with God as He leads us into the way of His Son—who welcomed the stranger, feasted joyfully with sinners and embraced the suffering of those around Him.

Welcoming the Stranger

In “welcoming the stranger” we practice the art and spiritual practice of offering hospitality to our surrounding neighbors.  In Serving the City, we involve ourselves in practical acts of service either directly from Grace or in partnership with other churches. Opportunities for welcoming the stranger are:

  • Volunteering with First A.M.E. Church as we give out free food to those affected by homelessness and poverty.  These distributions happen bi-weekly on Friday’s at 11am.
  • Volunteering at New Horizons Ministries where we transport food from local small businesses or bring cooked meals from home and serve unsheltered teens on the 2nd Friday, 3rd Monday, and 4th Tuesday of every month.

Feasting Joyfully

In “feasting joyfully”, we recognize that Grace is in a community that is an eco-system made up of residences, schools, theaters, businesses, non-profits and local municipalities.  As part of this eco-system, we believe the church’s posture should be one of blessing our neighbors for the common good by donating funds to bless institutions that enrich our communities.  Opportunities for feasting joyfully are:

  • Directing gifts from our discretionary fund to assist businesses and schools, promote youth empowerment and the arts, and more.
  • Intentionally directing funds to buy meals and gifts for healthcare workers, school staff, and staff at local non-profits. Congregants drop off items to organizations to bless and pray with and for them.
  • Inviting local artists and restaurants to join our congregation for meals and fellowship centered on thanksgiving and highlighting a need in the community.

Embracing Suffering

Finally, in keeping with Isaiah 63:9 (“in all their affliction, he was afflicted”), and Jeremiah 29:7, (“seek the welfare of the city, pray to the Lord for it ,because in its welfare you will find your welfare”), Grace is committed to be a church that suffers with its community, embracing the struggles that are common to its local context.

We endeavor to partner with organizations and businesses to not only serve the “less fortunate”, but to work with the Lord, who is in midst of the marginalized, that we might grow and learn with our neighbors. This looks like taking time to actually build relationships with neighbors’ strengths as well as weaknesses as we engage uncertain times and perilous circumstances.  Opportunities to embrace suffering with our neighbors are special projects like:

  • “Phases of Art” Project where congregants and our youth group worked with local artists who were likewise quarantined in 2020.  Grace financially supported artists, while artists in turn offered substantive classes and art for families stuck in their homes facing loneliness and boredom.
  • “The 415 Lowell Project” where Grace provided financial support to provide a remote learning site for unsheltered students from Lowell Elementary in South Lake Union.  Congregants also masked up and tutored children at the learning site, providing one of the city’s most unique learning contexts during the pandemic.
  • “The Y.U.M. (Youth United Meals) Project” for the fall of 2021,Grace is partnering with the Progress House Association and Union Church to employ teens from our congregations and communities to produce healthy, consistent meals for those affected by incarceration, homelessness and sex trafficking.  Congregants will not only financially support but teens will lead the program and adults help package and transport meals.

In summary, Serving the City is focused on being a blessing and witness of Christ to Seattle, in Seattle, and with Seattle.  If you would like to get involved in Serving the City, please send Pastor Drew an email at

Serve the City Partners


Bailey Gatzert Elementary
Lowell Elementary


Amy's Merkato
Jade Garden
Lil' Red's BBQ and Jamaican
The Community Kitchens Project/Feed the People
Island Soul Restaraunt


Operation Nightwatch
R.E.S.T. (Real Escape from Sex Trafficking)
New Horizons Ministries
Progress House Association/Ratcliffe House


First A.M.E Church
Central Community Church
Union Church Seattle

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