Community Groups

People often ask if Community Groups are only for Christians. The answer is that Community Groups are for anyone. Groups do focus on cultivating our life with God and each other, and we encourage anyone interested in learning more about God and life as part of a community to attend. In fact, we think that participating in a Community Group is one of the best ways to investigate Christianity. Groups will give you an intimate opportunity to see the strengths and weaknesses of Christian community, ask questions, and hear from Christians about what they believe.

We are blessed to have our congregation meeting all over pockets of our city and beyond. Most nights there will be at least one group in community with one another, spending time in fellowship over meals, the Word, and prayer. Please email our Director of Community formation ( to find out about the various groups and to have her connect you with the leaders.

Community Groups (by area)

Central District - Nanfelts and Kaufmanns

Atlantic/Judkins Park- Wargos

Capitol Hill- Aherns

South Lake Union- Lukes

UW- Iflands

Greenwood/Phinney- Sorbos

Pinehurst- Taniguchis

Capitol Hill/Central District- Tarons

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