Youth Community Group (YCG)

Youth Community Group is our ministry to young people ages 12-18 and is a ministry balanced by our beauty as children of God, and our need for redemption as sinners saved by grace.

We believe our teenagers are image bearers of God who, like Him, are creative, strong, and full of dignity. We value our teens, actively pursuing them in roles of service and leadership along with adults throughout our congregation.  We make it our practice to co-create opportunities with our teens to serve in the worship service, volunteer with adults, and work together for the common good of our city.

Additionally, we believe that our teens are in need of growth and guidance in the way of Jesus just as their elders do. Toward this end, we make sure to meet regularly for Bible study on Sundays, meet monthly for fellowship with other youth groups in the area, and provide an annual retreat focusing on small group prayer and fun.

The easiest way to find the “front door” to fellowship with YCG is to join us for our Christian Formation hour, which occurs every other week, inperson, at 9am. There our young people will get to meet our adult team of volunteers and Pastor Jason, who oversees YCG. If coming in person is not possible, but you would like your pre-teen or teen to get involved in other opportunities, please do not hesitate to email Pastor Jason at

Worship Location:
1300 E Aloha Street, Seattle, WA 98102
Office Location:
400 E Pine, Suite 215, Seattle, WA 98122
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