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Preparing for Worship: Jesus, Unity, and Evil Spirits

John Haralson
February 24, 2023

Bob Dylan"With God on Our Side"


His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms...
Ephesians 3:10

         Note: No Christian Formation this Sunday
                  Sunday worship at 10:15 AM (childcare thru 2nd grade available)

                  In-person worship and live stream
Dear Grace Family,

This gif went viral several years ago. It perfectly captures the "surrender cobra", which defines this way:

Found at sporting events, surrender cobra is a hands-atop-head pose made by fans when the their team’s loss seems all but inevitable.

As Drew preached last week, God has created the church as one unified body. In Christ, God has united people that had been divided from one another.

God loves repair. God loves healing. God loves uniting.

Since Satan and his demons are utterly committed to fighting against everything that God loves, this means that Satan is utterly committed to division. He wants to tear apart what God has joined together. When we fail to realize this, we become much more susceptible to Satan's deceptive schemes.

Though we live our lives in the foxholes of life while this battle rages all around us, the outcome is never in question. In Christ, God is uniting all things in heaven and on earth.

Satan's doom is inevitable. Christ's victorious reign has begun.

I hope to worship with you Sunday!

This Sunday: Ephesians 3:1-13 (NIV)       “Jesus, Unity, & Evil Spirits”Here is the Order of Worship.Warmly in Christ,John