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Eat What Is Set Before You

Nelson Hall
July 16, 2021
Note: In-person worship and livestream 
Worship is at 10:15 AM on Sunday
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Dear Grace Family,

In her wonderful book Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language, Yale professor Nora Ellen Croce describes a small community in Martha’s Vineyard, where because of a high rate of hereditary deafness and geographical isolation from European settlers, nearly 1 out of every 4 people were deaf by the nineteenth century.

Rather than forcing this minority population to assimilate into the dominant population, those who could hear chose to learn sign language to allow their deaf brothers and sisters to enter into full social participation.

In Luke 10, we see that our mission to proclaim the gospel is bound to our call to suffer the concerns of those around us. While the hope of the gospel remains the same, the manner in which we live that out must be flexible based on how the table has been set before us.

I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday!

This Sunday: Luke 10: 1-16 (ESV)

Eat What is Set Before You

In Christ,

Nelson Hall
Pastoral Intern

P.S. We will continue to hold in-person worship and livestream this week at 10:30 AM. As we mentioned previously, masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated folks. Pre-register for nursery here.