Christian Formation Hour

The Gospel of Mark

Throughout the ministry year (September-June), we run a variety of classes for adults. These classes vary from Biblical books & themes, theology, and practical Christian living. We meet at 9 AM in the Chapel on the first three Sundays of the month.

We are currently (Fall 2023—Spring 2024) working our way through the book of Mark. This book will engage the question of discipleship and Jesus' life  as a calling on our own.

October 1: Reading Mark's Genre and God perception and self perception in Mark. Video. Audio.

October 8: Mark 1:1-13- Following Jesus in the Wilderness. Audio.

October 15: Reverend Ashley Mathews visit. Audio.

November 5: Mark 1:14-45 - The Kingdom of God, Adam Johnson. Audio.

November 12: Mark 2:1-28 - Healing/Fasting /Sabbath, Theresa Froehlich. Audio.

November 19: Mark 3:1-35. Theresa Froehlich. Audio.

December 3: Mark 4:1-34 - Parables and their Purpose, Theresa Froehlich. Audio.

December 10: Mark 4:34-5:43, Ryan Taylor. Audio.

December 17: Mark 6:1-29 - The Significance of Bios. Jamie Afshari. Audio.

January 7: Mark 6:30-44 & Mark 8:1-10 - Two Feedings, Jamie Afshari. Audio.

January 14: Mark 6:45 - 7:37, Drew Billups. Audio.

January 21: Mark 8:11-26 - Lectio Opportunity. Audio.

February 4: Mark 8:27-9:1 - Climax of Mark, Jamie Afshari. Audio.

February 11: Mark 9:2-29, Drew Billups. Audio.

February 18: Mark 9:30-50, Adam Johnson. Audio.

March 3: Mark 10:1-31, Adam Johnson. Audio.

March 10: Revoice. Audio.

March 17: Mark 10:32-52, Ryan Taylor. Audio.

April 7: Mark 11 - What does a fig tree have to do with anything? Audio. Slideshow.

April 21: Mark 12, Ryan Taylor. Audio.

April 28: Mark 13, Adam Johnson. Audio.

May 12: Mark 14, Audio.

May 19: Mark 15-16:8 - Death and resurrection and Bios genre/ implications, Audio.

June 2: Q&A, Audio.


Classes we have had in the past are listed below. Recordings are available for all the classes in the audio recordings archive.

Women In Ministry Leadership

Resources & Questions

Grace leadership and Staff have compiled a number of helpful resources on this topic. Check them out here.

If you have any questions, please submit them through this form.


Audio is linked in the class title. A PDF of the powerpoint slides from the class is linked for each class under "Slides".

January 8: Can & Should Women Be Priests?

January 15: Genesis 1-2: Hermeneutics, Hierarchy & Creation. (Slides)

January 22: Genesis 2: Hermeneutics & Hierarchy. (Slides)

February 5: Reading with the Original Audience

February 12: Genesis 3:16 & Translation Issues. Slides.

February 19: Jesus & Women. Slides.

March 5: Reason & Experience. Slides.

March 12: Panel Discussion: Wendy Alsup, Theresa Froehlich, Lezlie McCrory. Video Link. Audio Link.

March 19: Women's Retreat (No Class)

April 2: I Timothy 2. Handouts: ACNA vs. PCA Polity, Women In Ministry Training

April 9: Easter (no class)

April 16: Women Preachers in a Complementarian Context. Slides.

May 7: Men's Retreat (No Class)

May 14: Phoebe and Romans 16. Slides.

May 21: Ephesians 5 and Male Headship. Handouts: Ephesians 5 Handout. Ephesians 5 Parallel Translations.

June 4: 1 Corinthians 11 & 14. Handout.

June 11: ACNA/PCA Position Comparison and Q&A. Handout.

Gifts of Anglicanism

Grace has recently affiliated with the Churches for the Sake of Others Diocese of the Anglican Church in North America. We are excited to be part of this rich and deep tradition that has much to offer us. We believe that this affiliation has brought us into a spacious place where we can be deeply formed by the Lord as his disciples. In addition, this tradition is a wonderful fit for the work God is calling our congregation to do. This class will be loosely based on the book Simply Anglican: An Ancient Faith for Today’s World by Winfield Bevins.


Simply Anglican by Winfield Bevins

C4SO Podcast: Search for the "Gifts of Anglicanism" series

C4SO Values


Job is a curious book. Labeled by some as poetry and labeled by others as horror, this book
demands our attention. Job will not let us off the hook with easy answers and he often seems
demanding of God that his questions get answered. In this year’s Christian Formation hour, we’ll dive into the text and learn to ask the hard questions with Job. Counselors will periodically aid us in some nuanced discussion around grief and trauma and we’ll learn how the Bible teaches us to lament and even get a chance to write some of our own. It will be a holistic class that engages spirit, body, and mind.

Race Whiteness and the Church

Following the killing of George Floyd, many of us have wrestled with the history and ongoing struggle of racism in America. As the body of Christ, we are called to be a healing presence in this world and to hold the practical love of our neighbors as a defining feature of our faith. And yet the American church has a tarnished record regarding race.

This series will spark honest conversations about racism and the church in order to help chart a way forward. We will bring together a variety of voices seeking to understand more of the history around racism, explore the meaning of institutional racism, acknowledge how the sin of racism impacts the health and unity of the church, and discover how Grace can become better equipped to be a healing and welcoming community.

Some resources:

The History of White People

Stamped from the Beginning

How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don’t

Why Our Sunday School Disciples Christians in Politics

Kamala Harris and Black Identity


Scene on Radio Season 2: Seeing Whiteness

1619 Podcast

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