Christian Formation Hour

2021-2022: Job

9AM in the Chapel

Job is a curious book. Labeled by some as poetry and labeled by others as horror, this book
demands our attention. Job will not let us off the hook with easy answers and he often seems
demanding of God that his questions get answered. In this year’s Christian Formation hour, we’ll dive into the text and learn to ask the hard questions with Job. Counselors will periodically aid us in some nuanced discussion around grief and trauma and we’ll learn how the Bible teaches us to lament and even get a chance to write some of our own. It will be a holistic class that engages spirit, body, and mind.

Schedule and Topics

October 3: Intro to the book/Learning my Limits (Job 1:1-5)

October 17: God and Grief

October 31: Everything is Subject to the Lord (Job 1:6-22, 2:1-10)

November 14: Human Wisdom's Limit and Line (Job 3-5)

December 5: Lament Spotlight – How laments in scripture have encouraged your pastors

December 19: What is a lament? How do we write them? What do we do when conventional wisdom and piety don't answer our questions? Limits of lament

January 16: Your humanness is not a problem (Job 6-8)

February 6: Introducing Zophar: Worst Friend of the Year – Living in the already and the not yet (Job 9-11)

February 20: Counselor Spotlight – How do we sit with our grieving friends?

March 6: Resurrection Hope Drives Lament (Job 12-14)

March 20: How and why Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar's ideology has snuck into modern thinking and our churches (Job 15-37)

April 3: Counselor Spotlight – How to sit with our grieving friends

May 1: The Lord Responds (Job 38-42)

May 22: Counselor Spotlight – How to tend to our grief and second hand trauma; what good lamenting does to our bodies.

Previously: Race Whiteness and the Church

Following the killing of George Floyd, many of us have wrestled with the history and ongoing struggle of racism in America. As the body of Christ, we are called to be a healing presence in this world and to hold the practical love of our neighbors as a defining feature of our faith. And yet the American church has a tarnished record regarding race.

This series will spark honest conversations about racism and the church in order to help chart a way forward. We will bring together a variety of voices seeking to understand more of the history around racism, explore the meaning of institutional racism, acknowledge how the sin of racism impacts the health and unity of the church, and discover how Grace can become better equipped to be a healing and welcoming community.

Recordings are available in the audio recordings archive.

Some resources:

The History of White People

Stamped from the Beginning

How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don’t

Why Our Sunday School Disciples Christians in Politics

Kamala Harris and Black Identity


Scene on Radio Season 2: Seeing Whiteness

1619 Podcast

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