Music and Arts

One of our values at Grace Church Seattle is “Cultivating Beauty”. We strive to live out this value by recognizing that God has given us creative capacity and called us to partner with him in making beautiful and meaningful things. As a worshiping community, we seek to respond to God with music and visual arts that are winsome, well-crafted, and beautiful. We also recognize that the broader community in our neighborhood and city is full of diverse and inspiring artists, bands, museums, venues, and galleries. Below are some of the ways in which Grace Church Seattle cultivates beauty and explores creativity in and outside of our church.

Emerald Hymns

Emerald Hymns is original liturgical music made for the glory of God by the musicians at Grace Church Seattle. Check out our website for more info and listen below or click on this link to access our album in your preferred format.

Grace Artists' Group

The Grace Artists’ Group is a gathering for anyone who considers themselves an artist or is artistically-inclined (whether or not it's their day job!). We meet periodically (paused during COVID but will resume in Fall of 2021) to read, share work, discuss inspiring art, go to galleries or museums, and pray together as we explore how art and faith intersects and impacts our lives. For more info, or if you’d like to get on the group’s mailing list email Jess.

Grace Gallery

Grace Gallery is a non-profit gallery that connects artists and their work with the broader Seattle community. The gallery occasionally hosts shows for artists, often in partnership with the Capitol Hill Art Walk, at Grace Church Seattle’s office in the Pike/Pine corridor of Capitol Hill. For more info, visit our website or contact Jess.

Liturgical Art / Artist-in-Residence

At Grace Church Seattle, we follow a liturgical calendar for the Christian year. This calendar allows us to follow the story and narrative of salvation through prescribed seasons and scripture passages within our services from Advent through Pentecost. Every year, we work with a visual artist to artistically reflect and create works based on the seasons and holy days of the liturgical year. Our hope is to give an artist the opportunity to creatively engage with God’s story in a way that allows our congregation to experience introspection, mystery, wonder, and awe in ways that aren’t simply text-based or literal.

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