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Preparing for Worship: "This Is Not The End"

John Haralson
May 13, 2022

I no longer call you servants….
Instead, I have called you friends.
Jesus, in John 15

         Note: Sunday worship at 10:15 AM
                   In-person worship and
live stream

Dear Grace Family,

This week, we have the privilege of having Matthew Lanser preach God’s word to us. Matthew is a good man and a good friend. He is the Rector (Senior Pastor) of Emmanuel Anglican in Phinney Ridge. It is wonderful for us to make connections with Matthew in our new denominational home!

Also, as we mentioned in a prior email, please consider bringing a loaf of bread or a bottle of wine to church with you on Sunday. We will be bringing these gifts forward during the offering. During the Lord’s Supper, the elements will be blessed (consecrated) by Matthew. We will then store these elements at the church and use them in worship throughout the summer.

Until I am ordained as a priest (I’m currently ordained as a deacon, it’s the first step for me in the Anglican ordination process), our Bishop has instructed us to have other priests help us in our worship by consecrating communion elements for us. This will allow us to continue to celebrate the Lord’s Supper each week.

Is it a little clunky? Sure. But it’s also a great way for us as a congregation to connect with another friend and another church in the Anglican tribe. And, as we say often at Grace:

         The kingdom of God grows,
         when we introduce our friends to our friends.

This Sunday: Acts 13:44-52

Here is the Order of Worship.

Warmly in Christ,


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