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Congregational Meeting This Sunday: Denominational Vote

John Haralson
April 21, 2022

Dear Grace Family,

Please watch this brief video about our upcoming congregational meeting.

In addition, here are some important details about the meeting.

We will have a short time of discussion prior to the vote, which you can participate in virtually or in person. If you are attending virtually, you need to register via Zoom here.

For members attending in person, we will have printed ballots for you to complete. You will review the motion, fill in your first and last name, and vote (yes, no, or abstain).

For members attending via Zoom, you will vote using the chat function of the meeting. In the chat, please list only your first and last name and vote (yes, no, or abstain). For families or groups of individuals on the call together, each individual over 18 or older needs to vote individually. For example:

             Joe Schlotblotnick, [Yes]
             Jane Schloblotnick, [No]
             Chris Schloblotnick, [Abstain]

Please reserve the chat function for voting or to let us know you would like to address the group during our discussion time.

The results of the vote will be shared at the meeting.

Childcare is available if you reserve a spot by the end of the day today. Please contact Linn at to reserve a spot.

Take care and hope to see you on Sunday.


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