Church Planting

Church Planting

In Scripture, God describes his people as a living, fruitful vine. A living vine grows, expands, bears fruit, and multiplies over time. We think this is a great picture of what we desire our congregation to be—a fruitful vine for God in our city.

Seattle needs 100 more churches before we can even make a dent

in our city's need for the gospel.

—Adam Sinnett, Downtown Cornerstone Church

For this reason, we are committed to church planting. Like a maturing vine, we believe that a living church will be dynamic and growing, steadily spreading life as it continues to develop. We believe that the fruit we bear will not only be for our own congregation. Rather, we desire to see offshoots from our church spring to life throughout the city.

How do church plants spread life? A new congregation becomes a new focal point for the gospel to take root in the city. Gospel-centered churches provide opportunities for evangelism, deep community, and discipleship like nothing else. As God blesses our church with growth, we think the best way to handle that growth over time is through the planting of daughter congregations.

So how we are trying to live this out? Here are a few ways:

  • All Souls Church in West Seattle is our first daughter church. Under the leadership of Andy & Rachel Pelander, a group of folks from Grace stepped out in faith in October of 2010 to start a new church. We hope All Souls is the first of many such birthings. For more information or to get involved with All Souls, email Andy Pelander.
  • Grace is a member of the Northwest Church Planting Network. This network is a wonderful collaborative work of churches in Washington and Oregon. The network is currently helping finance church plants up and down the I-5 corridor, with new congregations forming in Bellingham, Seattle, and the Portland area.
  • We are intentionally staffing our church with people who could potentially lead or serve in church plants.
  • Our congregants should also consider their possible involvement in a future church plant. Though serving in this way is not for everyone, it could be a very strategic and exciting way for you to serve and see the gospel spread in our city.

For more information on church planting, email John Haralson.