Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

There is a lot of great material out there—MP3s, articles, blogs, and books. There's also some not-so-great stuff out there. So we offer the following to help you navigate through the waters.

Understanding the Bible

These will help you understand the overall story the Bible tells. A must for all serious readers of Scripture.

The Drama of Scripture
Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen
Far as the Curse is Found
Michael Williams
According to Plan
Graeme Goldsworthy
Objections to the Christian Faith

These will help you navigate through some of the intellectual difficulties posed by the historic Christian faith.

The Reason For God
Tim Keller
Mere Christianity
C.S. Lewis
Girl Meets God
Lauren Winner
Simply Christian
N.T. Wright
Who Was Jesus?
N.T. Wright
Christian Growth

These will help you make progress in the Christian faith.

It Takes a Church to Raise a Christian
Tod Bolsinger
Holiness by Grace
Bryan Chapell
Counterfeit Gods
Tim Keller
After You Believe
N.T. Wright
Book of Common Prayer
Christian Living

These are more topical in nature and address various issues that we need to navigate through in life.

Deep Church
Jim Belcher
The Meaning of Marriage
Kathy & Tim Keller
Generous Justice
Tim Keller
Grace-Based Parenting
Tim Kimmel

These will help you understand that "mission" isn't just an add-on for a Christian or a congregation. Rather, God's mission in the world is at the heart of how we are to live.

The Heart of Evangelism
Jerram Barrs
To Change the World
James Hunter
The Missional Church
Tim Keller
A New Kind of Urban Christian
Tim Keller
Why Plant Churches?
Tim Keller

These help us better understand and more fully participate in congregational worship—the key engine that drives the Christian life.

Worship Matters
Bob Kauflin
Desiring the Kingdom
James K.A. Smith
Ancient-Future Worship
Robert Webber
Liturgy and Christian Formation
Sam Wheatley
Sermons & Podcasts

These are worth listening to on a regular basis.

Christ Church Santa Fe
Redeemer Presbyterian (New York City)
Trinity Presbyterian Charlottesville
Blogs & Other Websites
Covenant Seminary

Sermons and classes online for free

Mission St. Clare

Provides a daily prayer/Scripture reading liturgy