Lent 2018

Lent 2018

Daily Prayer

Most of us don't pray as much as we would like. But, the simple reality is that God loves to spend time with us. Join our church leaders at Grace who are committed to doing morning and evening prayer. We are using the prayer book Seeking God’s Face and the Prayer of Examen.

Homilies by Bishop Stephen Scarlett
Ash Wednesday Homily
Bishop Stephen Scarlett
Fourth Sunday in Lent Homily
Bishop Stephen Scarlett
Brief Introduction to the Church Calendar

“The Story...As Told Through the Christian Calendar”
4-minute video from Christ Church Anglican (Overland Park, KS)

The Story As Told Through the Church Calendar
Christ Church Anglican
Resources for Families and Children

Sacraparental: Social Justice & Spirituality for Parents & Kids

Blog Posts
Lent & Fasting Part I
John Haralson
Lent & Fasting Part II
John Haralson
Lent & Television
Shauna Niequist
Church Practices & Public Life: The Thickness of Fasting
Kyle David Bennett, Comment Magazine
Songs for Reflection

Jess Alldredge has put together a playlist of songs to listen to and reflect on during Lent. You can access the playlist below, or in Spotify or Apple Music.