Preparing for Worship: Jesus, Women, and Men

Preparing for Worship: Jesus, Women, and Men

John Haralson   •   January 12, 2018

...relationships between God’s sons and daughters are essential to God’s purposes for the world. He created his image bearers to reflect his character, to do his work in the world, to look after things on his behalf, and to do it together. 

Carolyn Custis James

Dear Friends,

Occasionally, people will email the church to ask about our beliefs before they visit. A popular question people ask goes something like this:

          What is your church’s position on women in church leadership?

For many inquirers―both progressive and conservative―I suppose this question is a litmus test on whether or not they will set foot in a church. Answer the question in the desired way, and maybe they will visit. Answer the question in the “wrong” way, and they will probably move on. 

We often carry our convictions about men and women in the church with a great deal of intensity and passion. And, there is good reason for this passion. Maleness and femaleness are very closely linked to our being created in the image of God. And, all too regularly, the relationship between men and women is fraught with distance, mistrust, denigration, and injustice. 

God has another vision for men and women. He designed us to live and together with joy, interdependence, and self-giving love. 

As we will see this Sunday, Jesus’ bringing of the kingdom of God affects even the relationship between men and women. As we follow him together, he intends to knit men and women together. Only as this happens, will we reflect before the world the image of our God.

This week: Luke 8:1-3, Jesus, Women, & Men. Liturgy is here.

I hope to worship with you.


P.S. This week during Christian Formation Hour, we will be hearing updates from various parishes that are seeking to learn how to love our neighbors and be a blessing to the city.