Preparing for Worship: The Persistence and Insistence of God

Preparing for Worship: The Persistence and Insistence of God

Jason Davison   •   December 29, 2017


Merry Christmas to you!  May the LORD's presence be with each of you as you celebrate the Incarnation of the Holy One.  For the last month we have organized our worship services and (hopefully) our lives around the coming hope of the Advent season.  Now that hope is realized in the birth of Christ!

Typically, in our American Protestant tradition we focus our celebration on just the singular day of Christmas, but for hundreds of years the Church as celebrated the Incarnation for twelve days- December 25th through January 5th. This celebration is called Christmastide.

The first Sunday of Christmastide this year falls on December 31st, which presents an interesting dynamic between the Church's calendar and our Western timetable.  In the former calendar, the beginning of the year started with Advent where the Christian's sense of time is ordered by Jesus and His Word; in the latter timetable we commemorate the end of the year where many resolve to order our lives by new promises, goals, and expectations for ourselves.

This Sunday's passage in Isaiah 61 and 62 presents us with a similar dynamic, or challenge, for us:  to accept the Lord's Word for our lives, or to decline His offer of a new beginning for changes we institute on our own in the coming year.  But what if instead of a new job, a new companion, a new perspective, we can have a new heart from the Lord himself?

This Sunday we will reflect on the implications of this Christmas hope for one joint service at 9am. For those of you in town, we hope to see you there! Liturgy is here.

Glad Tidings to You,

Pastor Jason