Preparing for Worship: Behold Your God! (Advent II)

Preparing for Worship: Behold Your God! (Advent II)

Jason Davison   •   December 8, 2017

Advent II, Jenny & Ryan James


This Sunday kicks off the second week of Advent, and we are continuing our series in Isaiah as we follow the Revised Common Lectionary.  The theme for the second week of Advent is Peace, which comports well with the message of comfort we see in this Sunday's passage, Isaiah 40:1-11.

The people of God needed to hear words of peace and comfort for they had found themselves completely undone by their sins and subsequent desolation they had received from the Lord's hand.  They had done so much--experienced so much hardship--could they ever find peace again?

Yet, surprisingly instead of further words of judgment and doom, Isaiah comes with a gracious message of comfort from the Lord Himself.  Sometimes when we (correctly) expect judgment for all we have done and left undone, God surprises us with words of comfort and peace.  We will look more closely at this message that is predicated solely the unexpected grace of God to a people in exile.

In preparation for Sunday, please read Isaiah 40:1-11 and behold your God! Liturgy is here.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Jason