Preparing for Worship: Offended at Grace

Preparing for Worship: Offended at Grace

Jason Davison   •   November 17, 2017

That mystic clasp of love lies not on the threshold but at the end of spiritual life, and can be reached for the most part only after much spiritual exercising, many denials, self-denials, watchings, and, it may be, the Cross of pain and disillusionment.
Vincent McNabb


This Sunday we resume our series in the book of Luke, looking at the questions of John the Baptist to Jesus from his prison cell.  In Luke 7, Jesus has just performed mighty works of God, when he is approached by two disciples with an impassioned query:  "Are you the One to come, or should we look for another?"  

These questions surprisingly comes from John the Baptist, who no doubt heard what Jesus was up to and was unsure if this was the work of the Savior, or just another disappointment.

This Sunday we will look at not only John's story, but more importantly Jesus surprising response to John's questions from his imprisonment.  Jesus wants to point John from possible disillusionment to dependance on Christ, from offense to faith in Jesus. 

Jesus wants us to hear his challenge today as well. We too can find ourselves losing confidence in Him when He moves in a way we can't anticipate--when God's activity doesn't meet our expectations.

In preparation for Sunday, prayerfully read John's story in Luke 3 and our passage for this Sunday:  Luke 7:18-23.  Join me in asking the Lord to make this passage applicable to your heart and thinking this week. This week's liturgy is here.

Also for this Sunday's Christian Formation we have a chance to hear about the Lord's work at Grace and what opportunities there are to serve at our Gifts in Action gathering at 10:30am.

Looking forward to worshipping with you,

Pastor Jason