Preparing for Worship: Baptisms, Member Joining, Children's First Communion

Preparing for Worship: Baptisms, Member Joining, Children's First Communion

John Haralson   •   December 16, 2016

Christ is his own attraction, Christ is the only trumpet that you want to trumpet. Preach the gospel, and the congregation will come of themselves.  Charles Spurgeon 

Is Jesus with us? Even as we stammer to name our well-rehearsed sins? Is he with us still? According to the Scriptures, he knew us as we are before he came, and still he chose to come.  
Scott Cairns  

Christ Healing a Patient
Mathieu Ignace van Bree

Dear Friends,

Jesus always drew crowds. Even when he tried to get away from crowds, people found him. 

They found him because they needed him. They needed him to heal them, feed them, forgive them, and teach them.

When Jesus is lifted up, he draws all kinds of people to himself.

This Sunday, we get to experience and celebrate this reality happening in our congregation―people are being drawn to Jesus. We will experience it in the baptisms that will happen. We will experience it when people take vows and become members. And, we will experience it as many young children will be received to the Lord’s Supper and join us at God’s table.

It’s a wonder that Jesus does this in our congregation. We are flawed and broken, and trying to stumble forward together as we follow him. Yet, in his grace and through the power of his Spirit, Jesus is at work, drawing us to himself.

I hope to celebrate with you this Sunday.

This Sunday: God with Us, Isaiah 7:1-17; Matthew 1:18-25

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