Preparing for Worship: Desolation & Consolation

Preparing for Worship: Desolation & Consolation

John Haralson   •   October 28, 2016

“His name is Kubo. His grandfather stole something from him.”

―From the movie, Kubo and the Two Strings

Dear Friends,

This week, a friend of mine told me about the movie quoted above. It’s a stop-motion fantasy movie about a boy who lives with his sick mother in a cave on top of a mountain. The boy’s life is marked by significant loss. His father has died, his mother is sick, and he is missing one eye, which was apparently stolen by his wicked grandfather.

At night, his mother tells him stories about witches, his evil grandfather, and a brave samurai warrior named Hanzo. Kubo isn’t sure if the stories are true, but they are mesmerizing to him. Inspired by these stories, he launches out to make sense of his life and find some sense of restoration.

I love the quote at the top because it summarizes how many of us can feel about our lives: we all have the distinct sense that something has been taken from us

It could be the loss of close relationships, either through death or the betrayal of a trusted friend, family member, or spouse. It could be the loss of health or the difficulty of battling a chronic illness. Or, if you’re like me, it could be the sneaking sense that you somehow made it into adulthood not adequately equipped for the task at hand.

The Bible has many great metaphors to describe our condition. One of the particularly powerful ones is the notion of being in exile. To be in exile means that something very important―our home―has been taken from us. We are strangers to God, strangers to ourselves, and strangers to one another.

In the context of our condition of being “off in a far country”, the gospel tells us that God has come to visit us in our exile. He has come to reconnect us with Himself, with our own hearts, and with others around us. In other words, He came to restore us to our true home―to live with Him.

This Sunday: Desolation & Consolation, Luke 1:67-80

I hope to worship with you.

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PS Don’t forget about the Extended Fellowship that will be happening during Christian Formation Hour (10:30-11:15am). It will be a great way to connect with others from the congregation.