Preparing for Worship: Surrendering to Grace

Preparing for Worship: Surrendering to Grace

John Haralson   •   October 21, 2016

"Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, But trust Him for His grace; Behind a frowning providence He hides a smiling face."William Cowper

Dear Friends,

This past spring, I was spending time with a very dear and wise seminary professor. He is now in his 60’s, and he was telling a group of us how his faith has changed over the years. Here is how he put it:

You know, there are some things that I used to strongly believe that I no longer strongly believe. And, there are other things that I used to not really strongly believe to which I now cling. 

To me, that was a beautiful and succinct way of speaking about how the Lord has been shaping him over the years. He is learning more about God’s faithfulness and reliability―these are the things he now clings to. And, he is also learning the Christian discipline of surrendering to God―these are the things he no longer holds so tightly.

Sometimes, perhaps even often, the Lord brings us to surrender to him through hardship. We may run into a wall in our relationships, in our schoolwork, or in our vocations. Or, we may simply grow absolutely weary of trying to control our lives and control others around us. 

So, firmly yet graciously, God brings us to the point of surrender. 

To surrender to God is an act of faith, even if our faith is small, shaky, and trembling. It is to yield our wills to our heavenly Father in faith and obedience, trusting that he will be there for us.

Surrender is hard. It’s also lies at the heart of transformation. 

I hope to worship with you this Sunday

This Sunday: Surrender to Grace Luke 1:57-66.

 Liturgy is here


PS Don’t forget that open house for Grace Kids will be held during Christian Formation Hour. This is a great opportunity to visit the kids’ classes and meet the teachers and helpers.