5 Reasons to Serve in Your Church's Children's Ministry

5 Reasons to Serve in Your Church's Children's Ministry

Heidi Hansen   •   August 11, 2016

1. Children matter to God. Everyone in a church community matters and working directly with the youngest and most vulnerable members is an act of faithfulness and of sharing in God's heart.

2. Families need support. Building a truly connected and invested web of support for families creates a safe place for children to spiritually thrive in.

3. Many churches make promises at children's baptisms. God, in his deep love and faithfulness makes promises to children. The adults of a community have the honor and responsilbity to share exactly what those promises are and mean to each child. Nurturing the faith that God has planted is a privilege. 

4. You grow spiritually. Being with children can reveal a lot about yourself. They have a knack for exposing the less than beautiful parts of your character and your utter dependence on grace. They can also affirm and delight in the truly good parts. Hearing and seeing them reflect a bright and clear faith is immeasurably encouraging! 

5. You contribute very acutely to making the Church of the near future a better place to expand God's kingdom on earth, as it is heaven. 

So, does your church nursery need loving arms? Sign up! Do your preschoolers need kind, playful spirits to be with them on Sunday mornings? Sign up! Do your church's 8 year olds need someone to really see them and know them, and explore Scripture together? Please, sign up!