Leadership & Staff
  • Rev. John Haralson Pastor

    John is exceedingly grateful to be in his second decade as a pastor at Grace. An adult convert to Christianity, he loves being part of bringing the gospel to a skeptical and doubting city and seeing a congregation empowered to live faithfully and lovingly in such a context. Prior to coming to Grace, John served in congregations in Manhattan and San Francisco.

    Pastoral ministry is a second career for John. He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and worked as an environmental engineer for 9 years. He earned a Masters in Divinity at Covenant Theological Seminary, and now serves on their Board of Trustees.

    When he's not pastoring or helping his kids with their homework, John enjoys working out, reading, Seahawks football, and aspiring to be a Jeopardy contestant. John and his family live on Capitol Hill.

  • Rev. Jason Davison Pastor of Children, Youth, & Families
  • Debbie Tacke Community Formation Director

    Debbie is thrilled to fully step into vocational ministry as Grace's Director of Community Formation. Before moving to Seattle in 2014, Debbie spent 13 years in Nashville, Tennessee, where she founded a coaching/consulting practice and the Center for Women in Medicine, a non-profit focused on providing guidance and mentoring for medical students and physicians. In addition, she served as the director of Medical Christian Fellowship (MCF), the campus ministry at Vanderbilt Medical & Nursing Schools. Prior to her years in Nashville, Debbie spent 14 years in Indianapolis where she held various financial and business leadership positions. Debbie is passionate about helping people grow in relationship with God and deepen their awareness of His great love for them. She considers herself a practical theologian – desiring to help people connect the reality of the gospel with the everyday realities of work, relationships, conflict, etc. She loves to help people discover and cultivate the unique gifts God has given them so that they can be a blessing to the world around them.

    In addition to listening to people's stories and cultivating new friendships, Debbie spends her time walking in her neighborhood, enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, reading, hosting dinners in her home, and watching her favorite BBC shows. She is the proud aunt of three beautiful nieces and one charming nephew.

  • Jess Alldredge Worship Arts Director

    Jess grew up in central Washington and has lived in Seattle since 2003 where he studied music at the University of Washington. Music has been an integral part of his life, beginning with violin at age four. Jess is passionate about the worshipping life of the church and loves using his abilities to creatively proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through music.

    When he's not playing and writing music for the church, he enjoys playing and writing music for, well, other things. Jess and his wife Annie live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood with their sons Julian and Avery and absolutely love the city and people of Seattle.

  • Catie Stroethoff Ministry Administrator
  • Nicole Herring Grace Kids Administrator
  • Adam Schuyler Elder - on sabbatical

    Adam and his most tender mercies—wife Erika and three young children—live in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle. Adam and Erika have worshipped at Grace since 2000.

    Adam was raised in the Baha'i Faith and converted to Christianity as a senior in high school. God has used Adam's time at Grace to further reveal the depth of his love, grace, and mercy. Over the years here, Adam's faith has been strengthened and his theology has deepened.

    In addition to being an elder, Adam is a water and wastewater engineer (as is Erika) who enjoys spending time with his family, listening to melancholy music, discussing Jesus and theology with his non-Christian friends, golfing, and rooting for his beloved Washington State University Cougars.

  • Darik Taniguchi Elder

    Darik was born and raised in the Seattle area and has been married to Jo for 30 years with three grown children. He has a daughter, Danielle, and son-in-law, Justin who have attended Grace Seattle with them since 2010.

    He grew up in a family that taught him the love of Christ and was nurtured by the caring fellowship of believers in a loving church and Christian school. In his young adult years, though immersed in the message of grace from the gospel, he saw little need for relationships with other Christians and lived a life pursuing his academic and medical career and courting Jo. His crisis of belief occurred his senior year in college, engaged to Jo and accepted to UW medical school, when his father left suddenly after over 20 years of marriage and shattered the illusion of his perfect family. His faith was restored by the loving care of Jo and her parents and many brothers and sisters in Christ from the body of the church who he had rejected. God has used their life together with his family and the church to sanctify them as they have experienced times of loss and confusion with the death of Jo's father, his parent's divorce and the suicide of his dad's second wife. They also have experienced the unexpected joy of life together with his new siblings from his father's second marriage, the marriage of his daughter, Danielle, to Justin and the fellowship of brothers and sisters at Grace Seattle.

    He enjoys his life with his family and friends eating and drinking together at their home in Northgate, at restaurants, and on Lake Washington on their boat. They are UW Husky fans and love the Seattle Sounders FC.

  • Nat Taylor Elder

    Nat has spent almost his entire life in Seattle, and has been a member of Grace since 2000 and a deacon since 2001. He is a natural skeptic who slowly came to faith in college at the University of Washington.

    Though more gifted in hard sciences than writing, he was called into law where he advises a number of churches and other faith-based organizations. He is married to another lawyer, Karissa. Together they endured two 2nd trimester miscarriages, years of fertility treatment, and near loss of their marriage, through which they learned much about suffering, the need for community, and the inevitability of God's grace.

    They are the proud parents of an adopted daughter, Lexi. Nat enjoys technology, reading, and rooting for the Huskies. When not injured, he plays basketball and softball.

  • Dan Huie Elder

    Dan, a native of California but long-time resident of Seattle, traded his beloved sunshine for his more enchanting wife, Renée, and the lure of the city, the mountains, and the water. Dan spends most of his day raising two active teenage boys and growing his business.

    Dan and Renée chose to raise their children at Grace out of their love for Grace's constant and clear presentation of God's love and promises, and the freedom to struggle while growing. Although raised in a Christian home, Dan's faith became tangible and real in this beautiful, urban part of the world in his mid-20s. God's love, faithfulness, and grace changed his understanding on life. Sharing this with those at Grace is his passion.

    Dan loves people, hiking, running (with people), camping (with lots of people), and gardening, and is hoping to be a fly fisherman one day (with people who know how to fly fish.)

  • Heather Andrews Deacon

    Heather lived in the Southwest, the Midwest, and on both coasts before coming to Seattle in 2001. She decided to call Grace "home" after her first visit. Heather was raised in the Christian faith and is continually awed by God's faithfulness and lovingkindness.

    Heather met her husband, Nate, in a Grace community group. They live in the Maple Leaf neighborhood with their two young sons.

    She is so grateful to be able to stay home with her boys. They love reading library books, going to playgrounds, and dancing to the oldies. When Heather gets a minute, she enjoys reading (especially classics and mysteries), walking and talking with friends, playing board games, and napping.

  • Rebecca Ifland Deacon

    Rebecca is grateful to have been raised in a home that loved Jesus, and she grew into that love slowly and steadily. Her faith was passed on to her, but it was also her own. Growing up in a Bible belt in southern Manitoba (Canada), Rebecca loved the prairies and the deep, solid faithfulness of her extended family – it was a rich heritage.

    Tragedy struck when her dad unexpectedly died at the age of 50. She was 21, in her third year of studying music at Trinity Western University, and she became acquainted with a grief that tore her soul. God's presence and nearness through it all were undeniable, but grief is a grim companion.  Rebecca met Orion less than a year later, and they were married in 2003. Orion is caring and inquisitive, a faithful partner and a profound rock in her life.

    They lived in Winnipeg for eight years where Rebecca dove into graduate school and Orion worked as a web programmer. They then began to welcome the kids into their lives: Seth (now 9), Silas (7), Annalyn (5) and Theodore (almost 3). She considers it an immense honour to mother these dynamic little people, and the journey of parenthood has radically shaped her and caused her to rely on God in the mystery of the everyday. The Iflands moved to Seattle from Winnipeg in 2012 and quickly found a home at Grace, serving at Grace in several ways: in Grace Kids, in hosting a Community Group, in music, and in mentoring engaged couples.

  • Coleen Marta Deacon

    Coleen was born in Seattle, then raised on a small, family farm in Poulsbo. It was a great way to grow up. She loved caring for a variety of animals, riding horses, eating from the garden, and going to a local church. Her parents’ divorce hit her hard, but she found solace in reading, drawing, and taking walks deep in our woods.

    She moved back to the city to attend the Art Institute of Seattle, and found herself involved with a really great college-age church community. Talking late into the night about God and music and art, going to shows and festivals, doing life with other creative people who loved Jesus; she started to really learn what being a Christian meant for her. Then she met Jason and they married and started their life together in Kirkland. They spent their early years deeply involved in a little start-up church, figuring out what they were going to do about kids, staying active with music and art, and totally remodeling their first home.

    The closure of their little church brought them to Grace Seattle, where they found a creative and welcoming community. She loves how the folks here care for one another, but also reach out to care for the city.

    Coleen and Jason love living in their little house in Madrona. Coleen likes being in the city, close to fun restaurants, bakeries, museums and clubs, as well as being close to the charities that help folks who are struggling.

    Coleen is passionate about helping the community of Grace in this special way as a deacon. Her desire is to share the comfort, encouragement and strength that she has received with those around her, so they feel loved and cared for. 

  • Tamarack Randall Deacon

    Tamarack grew up in a home with a Christian mother and atheist father. This was difficult, but allowed her to experience challenges to her beliefs and faith at an early age. She accepted Christ as a young child but it was during her senior year in high school when she more fully gave him her life. She was struggling and did not know where her life was going and realized that God was the only one she could turn to for purpose, support, and guidance. Life has been a difficult journey with periods of doubt and struggle, but God has been patient and faithful.

    God led Tamarack to attend Northwest University where she majored in psychology with a second major in Biblical Literature. She then attended Boston University and earned a Masters in Social Work. God has given her a heart for serving the poor and marginalized. She worked at the YWCA for several years and now works at Treehouse.

    Tamarack started attending Grace in 2009. She was drawn to the thoughtful worship and the focus on serving the city. It has been a pleasure for her to be a part of this loving community. During her time at Grace, she has served in the children’s ministry and as a community group host. She looks forward to the opportunity to walk more closely with people in their faith, build stronger relationships, and help meet people’s practical needs.

  • Lee Grooms Deacon - on sabbatical

  • Abby St. Hilaire Serving the World
  • Brian & Jessica Youtzy Connection Center